What is the best app for GRE verbal preparation?


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One of the most important and very difficult subject to crack in GRE is verbal. But there are apps in the market which eases this process
GRE TEST PREP (entrayn.com/galvanize/greapp/?referrer=utm_source%3DFBGroup)
One of the best app in the play store
Prepare you according to gre environment
Gives 100% refund if your scores dont increase
b)Vocabulary Builder (Vocabulary Builder – entrayn.com/galvanize/vocabapp/?referrer=utm_source%3DFBGroup)
1200 vocab words picked by an expert tutor
☞ Audio pronunciation for each of the words in the app
☞ Definitions and example sentences for every word
☞ Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced vocabulary sections
☞ Beat levels to unlock new words
☞ Track your progress as you study
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