Please let me know about my universities selected based on my profile and suggest few more?


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Hi , I ‘m looking for Fall 2020 in Ms in CS. My profile:

GRE : 308 (167Q + 141V)  AWA: 3.5/6

TOEFL: 105/120

CGPA: 8.36/10

Work Exp: Currently working as a Java Developer at TCS for about 6 months. Will complete 1 year by fall 2020.

Internships: Interned as a Software Developer intern in 2017 for 1 month.

Projects: 1 project in AI, 1 project in web technologies, 1 project in java

Extra: Worked at an NGO for 100 hrs.  CS courses on online platforms.

Good SOPs and  LORs

My list of universities:

NCSU, NYU-Tandon, UIC, ASU, UFL,  UC-Santa cruz, SJSU, UoChicago

I have already got an admit from UTD for MS in CS.

Please let me know about my university list and also please suggest me few more universities based on my profile which are better than UTD and i have a chance of getting into.


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