Does the university brand matter in terms of salary?


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I myself had always been worried about this, but as you always try to emphasise on the fact that the University doesn’t matter, I would like to know your views on this topic. Even though I want to believe your opinion, the fact that the rankings don’t make a difference is something I am not able to digest… πŸ™ I guess 99% of the students going for MS in CS don’t get to the top universities and hence this is something that everyone must be worried about. I request you to make a detailed video on this topic. This is the question:

This one question has always been in my mind and wanted to ask you all.

Will an MS in CS grad from NEU or a higher rank university stand a chance at getting higher salary immediately after graduation compared to an MS in CS grad from California State University Fullerton or University of North Carolina Charlotte or universities of comparatively lesser rank?

Does the university brand matter in terms of salary?

No doubt it’s up-to an individual and his/her skill set to land a job but still, in India definitely the college from which you graduate impacts your job prospect if you graduate from a top college companies are ready to pay you higher whereas if you graduate from a very basic college you’ll be offered a very basic kind of a package. Does this also hold true in the US?

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  1. Please briefly explain why you feel this answer should be reported .


    No it doesn’t matter. In USA salary is depended on area you live in.

    So let’s say you graduated from Stanford or harvard but got a job in Chico California (where I live) your salary will still be 70-85k Max starting salary! Because the cost of living is less.

    Similarly if you did masters in CSU Chico but went to Bay Area or NYC then your salary will be above 110k +, and again cost of living is high!

    Hope this explains your dilemma! College has nothing to do with your salary package πŸ™‚
    Good question. Brand maybe only matters for salary if you graduate from Top 5-10 college in US. Which most students won’t achieve. For most people salary is based on experience, skills, proof of your knowledge and skills, and simply how much they like you and how good your people skills and soft skills are.
    Also, if you are coming to America to just chase salary, then I encourage you to evaluate your motivation. Lots of students come to chase salary or visa but get trapped, end up becoming a slave to it, and hate their experience here in America. Focus on a career path your are passionate about, not the salary or visa.

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